“Love & Truth are the source of all creation & the law of every Universe.
Embracing Love & Truth sets you free” – Blessings, Anthony Morgann

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“Come out of the darkness. Embrace Love & Truth and set yourself free!”

Anthony’s goal is to use his “gifts” to help you to empower your life by providing a wide range of spiritual insight and spiritual counseling, psychic consultation, and psychic forecasting; workshops and seminars in the field of spirituality and self improvement, and personal and psychic awareness.

With the guidance of his “Spirit Guides” he shares Metaphysical tools to help you cleanse and rectify your Karma by un-programming all negative mental & spiritual patterns from your current and past lives. This in turn will foster your personal growth, healing and transformation.

Anthony says: “It is such a blessing when I am able to help someone discover his or her unique path toward connection with their higher truth and achieve greater health, peace, happiness and success in their life.”

Listen to Anthony as he begins the show with information about the metaphysical world and its relationship to our physical world. The topics will be varied and lively as Anthony takes your calls, directs your questions and engages in discussions with his “Spirit Guides”.


Tune into “Love & Truth With Psychic Medium Anthony Morgann and call in with any questions or for a FREE mini reading every Friday at 4:00 PM Pacific /7:00 PM Eastern. From USA call Toll Free 1-877-230-3062. International callers call in 1-425-644-5620 (Long distance rates apply) Blessings, Anthony

To listen live every Friday 4 PM Pacific/ 7PM Eastern go to:  http://tunein.com/radio/Contact-Talk-Radio-s111077/

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Monday–Sunday, 9 a.m.–9 p.m. Pacific Time.

Note: Before making a payment, please contact me and make an appointment.
Due to my 
busy traveling schedual I am only available for phone consultations.

If you would like additional information, please call or email me directly.

I read all your messages as time permits; I love hearing from you.  
For those of you who are interested in email readings,

my schedule is very limited and email readings are very time consuming.


Anthony Morgann

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