“Love & Truth are the source of all creation & the law of every Universe.
Embracing Love & Truth sets you free” – Blessings, Anthony Morgann


I was born a 5th generation Psychic and Medium. With a lifetime of experience, my goal is to help you to empower your life by providing you with spiritual insight and spiritual counseling services through metaphysical teachings and psychic medium services, as well as hypnotherapy services and numerology. I have a gift to share with others to help them empower themselves and connect with their own higher truth for greater success and happiness.

My blessings to each of you as you continue on your journey!

Psychic Medium Counseling

With my psychic medium counseling services you will learn more about your past, present, and future which will foster personal growth, healing and transformation. Psychic Medium counseling services are available by appointment only*. Advanced booking is suggested and all readings can be over the telephone, and are private and confidential.

* At least one hour is recommended for a psychic medium consultation.

Note:  Due to my busy traveling schedule I am only available for phone consultations.


Hypnotherapy Services

I specialize in Age Regression and Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy, which helps you remember things from your past (and your past lives) you might have forgotten that will help you improve your present life by revealing your mental and emotional patterns that are affecting your life today. My hypnotherapy services also help you release stress, depression, phobias and fears, and even help you improve your life by teaching you how to think positively and heal spiritually. Hypnotherapy sessions are most productive when conducted in person and are by appointment only*.  Advanced booking is suggested. All sessions are privateand confidential.

* At least one and a half hour is recommended for a hypnotherapy consultation.

Note:  Due to my busy traveling schedule in person Hypnotherapy Services are Currently unavailable.

Numerology Consultation

I specialize in numerology of your birthday, name vibration, Life path, significance of  the year, house numbers, apartment numbers, business address; any number vibration that is important to your  personal growth, healing and transformation. Numerology consultations are available by appointment only*. Advanced booking is suggested and all readings can be over the telephone, and are private and confidential.

* At least one hour is recommended for a numerology consultation.

Meditation CD

My guided meditations helps shift your energy level to provide a more positive outlook and has amazing benefits in every area of one’s life. With specific visualization and meditation you attain spiritual achievement, awareness, consciousness and a union with the Divine, improving your state of mind, body and soul. This in turn will foster your personal growth, healing, transformation and help you discover your unique path toward connection with your higher truth to achieve greater health, peace, happiness and success in your life, opening up new possibilities for you! You begin attracting into your life good luck, abundance, love, happiness and all good things, giving you the ability to start living the life you aspire to.

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To schedule all appointments please contact me at

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Contact Hours:

Monday–Sunday, 9 a.m.–9 p.m. Pacific Time.

Note: Before making a payment, please contact me and make an appointment.
Due to my 
busy traveling schedual I am only available for phone consultations.

If you would like additional information, please call or email me directly.

I read all your messages as time permits; I love hearing from you.  
For those of you who are interested in email readings,

my schedule is very limited and email readings are very time consuming. 


Anthony Morgann

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