“Love & Truth are the source of all creation & the law of every Universe.
Embracing Love & Truth sets you free” – Blessings, Anthony Morgann

About Me

I am a descendant from a long line of Mediums, Psychics and Spiritual Healers. I was born a 5th generation Psychic, Medium and Spiritual Healer.

My gift goes back at least 5 generations from both sides of my parents. My earliest memory is that of watching my maternal grandmother, a Psychic and a Spiritual Healer, do hands-on Spiritual Healing (prior to being called Reiki). My mother was a Psychic and my older sister is a Medium. My father was a Psychic, Medium and a gifted Metaphysician. My earliest recollections as a child include my father teaching me Metaphysics and the power of prayers, candle rituals, incense and gemstones for blessings, spiritual protection, and spiritual connections.

As a Medium, spirits of those who have departed this Earthly plane come to me with unfinished business with their loved ones and ask my help in giving messages to the loved ones they have left behind.

I see clairvoyantly through the energy patterns of a person to find the causes that make the person stray from their soul’s path…mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Additionally, I am a Nationally Certified Master Hypnotherapist (specializing in Age Regression and Past Life Regression), a Spiritual and Metaphysical Advisor, and Radio Host. I have a strong background in Astrology, Numerology, Tarot, candle ritual, incense, Feng Shui and in the use of Gemstones for Spiritual Healing.

I am guided by my Spirit Guides who are Holy Masters – Light Beings. I am a Spiritual Light Messenger whose purpose here on Earth is to be a messenger to teach humanity how to practice and communicate Love & Truth.

My goal is to use my “gifts” to help you to empower your life by providing a wide range of spiritual insight and spiritual counseling services. With the guidance of my Master Guides, I share Metaphysical tools to help you cleanse and rectify your karma by un-programing all negative mental and spiritual patterns from your current and past lives. This, in turn, will foster your personal growth, healing, and transformation. It is such a blessing when I am able to help someone discover his or her unique path toward connection with their higher truth and achieve greater health, peace, happiness, and success in their life.

My blessings to each of you as you continue on your journey!


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