“Love & Truth are the source of all creation & the law of every Universe.
Embracing Love & Truth sets you free” – Blessings, Anthony Morgann

My Books 

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“You are Eternal Beings of Light! 
As you evolve from each reincarnation, life after life,
your Light expands, & your souls become stronger & stronger,
evolving to become Eternal Light Beings.”
Love & Blessings! Anthony Morgann


About Anthony Morgann:

     Anthony Morgann is a fifth-generation Psychic Medium, who inherited his gifts and knowledge from both his maternal and paternal families.

     As a boy, he learned Metaphysics, Gnosticism, and the Esoteric Teachings of Spiritual Alchemy, as well as how to use his Psychic Medium Gifts from his father; he learned Reiki from his grandmother.

     His formal metaphysical studies include Occidental and Chinese Astrology, Numerology, Tarot, Feng Shui, Hermeticism, Theosophy, Hypnotherapy, and Past Life Regression.

     An Armenian born in Lebanon, Morgann studied Performing Arts and Dance in Paris, and is fluent in four languages. He is a Nationally Certified Master Hypnotherapist (specializing in Age Regression and Past Life Regression), as well as a Spiritual and Metaphysical Teacher.

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